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Your First Step!

Magpie Speech Therapy has developed a proprietary tool kit for speech & language disorder assessments. These modules are structured on the Dynamic Assessment Profile framework, and is based on the child's observation skills and evaluates the learning potential in a naturalistic environment. At the same time this technique is highly interactive and process oriented. For more information on the efficacy of a D.A.P. technique you can refer the American Speech & Hearing Association link (ASHA)


Speech Therapy

Once a child is assessed for a primary disorder, the next step is building a customized early intervention program (I.E.P.). Magpie specializes in providing intervention modules on the basis of  evidence based practices and a variety of globally researched programs for a holistic communication development of your child. Each speech therapy session is specially curated to suit the needs of the child and is outcome driven. A client can either choose an In-Person Mode or Online classes. For more information about our online program, check out fleX.


Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is extremely helpful & strongly recommended if your child is having difficulty eating. This is most common with children that have special needs or medical challenges that may make it physically difficult for them. It is important to note that “feeding” is a specialty within a specialty. Therapy often happens on a weekly basis, but can be every other week or once a month during a scheduled block of time. But, depending on the child’s underlying challenges, you may see your child participating in a sensory integration activitiy or completing exercises to strengthen the muscles they need for eating. Our team is certified in multiple levels of oral motor therapy techniques.


Group Programs

Group intervention programs focus on social skills development in children with difficulties in making friends, playing/being part in a group cooperatively, following rules, having limited imagination skills and increased tantrums. Our group programs are designed for children between 3 years to 18 years. The pivot of this curriculum is the social emotional learning in a vibrant and organic environment. With structured progress tracking, personalized expertise and  generalizing social proficiency in daily settings, we help children create special bonds.


Parent Education

Parenting a child with autism is quite challenging but parents' involvement increases the consistency in assuring their child receives the right guidance and that guidance is better implemented even at home after the sessions. Family based intervention are at the heart of Magpie programs. We conduct monthly parent training courses covering a wide range of topics from behavior management and language development to building play routines. These courses are recommended based on the parent concerns, family structure, interaction time and the child’s communication profile.

Therapy Sessions
About Us

Magpie Speech Therapy was founded in 2005 & re-invented in 2013 by Namrata Pai (Gold Medalist, Speech-Language Pathologist). We provide a full range of services for children with speech, language and oral-motor disorders. These include online sessions, screenings, consultations, evaluations, and collaboration with psychologists, occupational therapists, schools and other related service providers. Our core work is built on evidence-based practices and we have successfully created and conducted multiple parent-training and social-skills programs.

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