Social Pragmatics Skills Group

A lot of children with language delays have peer interaction issues. Making friends is critical to social and emotional well-being. Friends serve as confidantes, companions, counselors and comrades, and children with friends report more confidence and less depression from feeling lonely.

Social Pragmatic skills group programs aim to increase initiation and maintenance of play or conversation based on age-appropriateness. In Younger children (5 years to 10 years) , we typically focus on cooperative play skills and increasing joint engagement; while in older children (10 years to 18 years) focus is on executive-function skills such as planning peer hang-outs, scripting conversations with friends etc.


At Magpie, We use a combination of Scripting, video modeling, Social thinking, Mind-maps, Social stories, Role playing, Group outings, Zones of Regulation and 5 point scale to develop a very effective Social skills program. Our group size varies from a small group of 3 to a large group of 6 children with a ratio of 1 therapist for 2 children.


Some of our goals include,

  • Establishing and maintaining eye contact.

  • Taking turns in conversation.

  • Adopting the listener’s perspective (theory of mind).

  • Using appropriate tone of voice (speech prosody).

  • Expressing and understanding emotions.

  • Interpreting figurative language.

  • Asking questions in conversation.

  • Extending conversations by offering relevant personal narratives.

  • Maintaining a conversation topic.

  • Using humor appropriately.

  • Participating actively in the to-and-fro of conversation.

  • Using greetings appropriately.

  • Demonstrating appropriate rate of speech and vocal volume.

Using appropriate body language, such as not standing too far or too close during conversation

Group Name : Talk Together

Age Eligibility : 5 Years to 10 Years

Staff/Child Ratio: 1:2

Duration: 12 Session Module

Group Name : My Social Circle

Age Eligibility : 10 Years to 18 Years

Staff/Child Ratio: 1:3

Duration: 12 Session Module

Mon-Fri : 9AM - 6:30PM

Sat : 9AM - 1:30PM

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi