Our Approach

MAGPIE has always believed in following EBP (Evidence Based Practice) not as a matter of choice rather a principle in its work style. We strongly believe using flash-cards and non-realistic/ non-meaningful table top activities is not acceptable. Other practices include Non Speech oral-exercises without considering Speech-functionality, A one size fits all intervention plan based on diagnosis rather than the child's individual profile indicate the lack of evidence based practice. Any successful intervention plan begins with a Detailed and thorough Assessment.

We wanted interiors of our clinic to be kid friendly, colorful, warm, welcoming……the list was endless.  But above all we wanted to keep the parents in mind too. Transparency and visibility in every therapy room making it accessible and comforting for parents was critical. Also parents spend a major part of their day traversing therapy centers in midst of the maddening bengaluru traffic and their child’s unexpected meltdowns. They need to uphold enthusiasm and energy to successfully be a part of the therapy session and support the efforts of the SLP. And that’s where the idea of motivational walls took birth. We consciously decided that Magpie had to have the most amazing set of quotes all across celebrating children, their spirit, the parents, the therapists and the “Never give up” attitude in all of us.

Our approach is a mix of child led activities and direct teaching focus. Unlike schools of thought where "materials/toys" are the central characters, we carefully choose natural real life activities and replace toys as minimal teaching aids/accessories. Socially Interactive dynamic activities with specific targeted language are the most significant factors for the child's social-emotional development. It enables the child to quickly generalize/use a newly learnt skill with a new person in a new environment.

Over the past few years Magpie has not only been able to build a fantastic team but also maintained it with aplomb! The credit goes to each one of us for not trying to hog the limelight rather motivating and sharing credit for achievements. Brainstorming around roadblocks and taking care of each other, at the same time supporting the children and their families. All our therapists are highly trained and certified in multiple approaches driven by their own passion and interest. Our therapists are selected by a rigorous interview process to match our golden standards. A weekly meeting to brainstorm challenges and review progress is a must at our work place. Since we are a BIG team, we use this to our advantage by making sure we take informed clinical decisions.

At MAGPIE, all our SLPs have completed their speech language pathology degree from RCI recognized colleges. All our therapists have weekly meetings with Namrata Pai (Founder) and monthly meetings with parents which helps us take informed decisions about the children and their therapy program. We constantly train ourselves with therapy tools & techniques that have been researched and proven in the field of communication intervention. Tell Me, Show Me, Involve Me and i will still test it..... and only then believe it......... :)

To Summarize, We Provide,

  1. A secure, bright and cheerful space

  2. Practical & Productive Parental Involvement

  3. Child centered environment favoring social, emotional and communication build out

  4. Rich experience and keen observation based individualized blue print

  5. Specialist curated, globally researched intervention programs

Kothanur Village Main Rd, RBI East Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560078 (Close to Brigade Millennium)

MON - FRI : 9 AM - 6:30 PM

​​SAT : 9 AM - 1:30 PM

E: magpieslp@gmail.com

P:  +91  -  98800 - 69112

P:  +91  -  95918 - 93177

JP Nagar, Bengaluru is our ONLY center. We don't have any branches!

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