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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admission process into Magpie Speech Therapy Programs

The first meeting starts with a face to face interaction with our Center head or a Senior Speech Language Pathologist. This is important to us, as we want to know you better and hear out your concerns. Subsequently, an assessment test is carried out and a follow-up discussion is initiated based on the outcomes of the evaluation. Based on these outcomes, the candidacy for the Magpie Programs are defined and a therapist is allocated.

How long will it take to get an evaluation or therapy session at Magpie?

Parent schedules are often the determining factor in obtaining an evaluation or therapy appointment. Like other therapy centers in our area, we have a high volume of children awaiting services and the most desirable times of day are in the late afternoons and early evenings. If you are able to bring your child in between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, it is more likely that we will be able to see your child sooner.

How Long are the Individual Sessions at Magpie?

The Individual sessions at Magpie are for 45 Mins. Apart from that, 5 mins is allocated per session for the parent to discuss anything with the therapists. We typically need about 10 mins clean up time before beginning of the next session. However, you are welcome to schedule a meet up with the therapist based on his/her availability.

If there are many children on your waiting list, why can’t you simply hire more therapists?

We would love to be able to hire enough therapists to see every child waiting for therapy. Unfortunately, due to the increasing costs of providing therapy services and making it affordable for parents, it’s not possible for us to hire enough therapists to meet the current need for therapy. However we remain committed to serving as many families as possible in spite of these challenging financial realities.

Can I change my allocated therapist @ Magpie?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Magpie ensures each of their therapists are well trained and deliver consistently. Once a therapist is assigned, you will have to work with the therapist to meet the goals of your child. If you have concerns regarding the therapy sessions, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with the therapist and subsequently (if needed) discuss it with our center head.

Is there any limit to the number of sessions my child may have ?

Yes. Magpie Speech Therapy follows a service delivery model in which we schedule children for a series of consecutive visits followed by a break from regularly scheduled therapy. Our goal for each series of visits is to provide children and parents the tools they need to continue to meet their therapy goals even when not in therapy. This service delivery model, at Magpie, has proven to be effective. Additionally, implementing this program allows us to better meet the high need for pediatric therapy services in our community. Children who are available between 10:00am to 3:00pm are able to receive more weekly visits than children who come in after 4:00pm.

Can I as a parent observe the therapy session?

Yes, you are most welcome to do so and we highly recommend it. We appreciate you observing the sessions, taking notes & being involved etc.. However, please note you should refrain from using mobile phones inside the therapy session and ensure your phones are in silent mode.

What can I do to make sure my child gets the therapy he/she needs within a designated time period?

We understand that parents feel frustrated and concerned when they can’t get their child in for therapy right away. There are several things that you can do to help ensure your child is seen as promptly as possible. Please make sure we have your current contact information and respond to us soon as possible when we contact you with an opening. Respond to your SMS and confirm the offered slots at the earliest! Also, let us know if your availability changes and you’re able to accept appointments earlier in the day.

I need more sessions than the prescribed 3S-2S-1S program that you have. Is it possible?

More is not always better. Magpie Speech Therapy believes in quality than quantity. While we are confident that our therapy programs can bring about changes in your child, We also understand your concern especially if you are a remote client (not based out of Bangalore) and want your child to be seen as many times in a short period. We do entertain exceptions, only on a case by case basis and this is at the discretion of our center head.

Will my child show improvement with Speech Therapy & what may be a typical time frame?

While we understand parent’s anxiety, it is difficult to answer this question. Every child is unique and our therapy techniques are customized to every child’s needs. Some children show remarkable improvement in short time, while some don’t. Our constant endeavor is to work with the child with different inputs to try our best. We cannot guarantee results.

How do Magpie ensure the quality of therapy based on varying work experience of their therapists?

Typically, when we assign a therapist to a child, we match the specialization skills of the therapist to the child’s needs. This is our standard operating procedure to get maximum alignment. Unlike other therapy centers, Magpie hires top talent and Graduates/PG candidates in Speech Language Pathology Science. Once a therapist joins Magpie (be it experienced/fresher), he/she has to undergo a vigorous training module to meet our high standards and maintain our protocols/business practices. Our therapists are also encouraged to attend different training programs and keep their skills up to date. You can expect consistency & quality attributes maintained by all our SLPs.

Can I get the lesson plan of my child or progress report detailing activities?

Magpie Speech Therapy will provide basic summary report of your child’s progress at free of cost. However, Detailed Progress Report for Schools and Other Professionals / Official establishments are chargeable. Few therapy techniques implemented by Magpie Speech Therapy comes under its Intellectual Property Rights. You are requested not to share our techniques and practices with other therapy centers. If there is a genuine need to share information, we encourage other therapy centers to contact us directly for guidelines.

Do you send your staff for home visits or to any other centers/schools?

No, We don't. Our therapists are full time consultants at the center and do not travel for any home visits/schools. Sometimes, our clients do request for a school visit for counseling purpose. These requests are at the discretion of the center and availability of the therapist. They are also charged separately.

Why doesn't Magpie have many branches like other centers out there?

Magpie has built its credibility on investing in training their staff to follow a very structured, inclusive approach. Our services require strong focus & planning of activities to make our therapy techniques effective. Each session is meticulously planned with a goal. We are not in a position to rotate our staff across different centers as its sub-optimal given the prevailing travel conditions in bangalore. While we aspire to tie up with like minded professionals and provide services close to your domicile, this strategy is still a work in progress as we expect professionals to understand our methodology, our practices and follow our strict guidelines. We hope this will become a reality someday!

Why is there a waiting list for getting an evaluation or a therapy session in Magpie?

Firstly, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience on the delays. In-spite of doubling our capacity in recent times, we are experiencing high volumes and not able to meet current demand. Hence, in the interest of time, we request you to look at other therapy centers closer to your home. If you still wish to wait it out or are very particular about joining magpie, we request you to register your name and contact details and we shall get back to you on the vacancy of slots. We appreciate your patience!