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Therapy Terms & Conditions

Dear Patron,

Team Magpie is currently serving clients pan India and across the globe. Kindly note, our approach is a mix of child led activities and direct teaching focus. We offer a very transparent and structured admission process. This page outlines our core policies and procedures in delivering high quality speech therapy services. We request you to carefully read our terms and conditions as they are binding to all. We will try our best to accommodate your preferences and hope to answer all your queries.

We believe successful therapy lies in the fundamental cooperation and trust between Magpie Speech Therapy & its clients. We hope to build a long-lasting partnership with you.

New Admission / Re-admissions:

  1. We promote a school like setup when it comes to administering Speech Language Therapy, be it online or in-person speech language therapy. We need commitment from parents who believe they are the true change makers in the life of their children. You must be prepared to jointly work with us.​

  2. Attendance: To keep the appointment time reserved for you and your child, you must maintain good attendance record. This is important for our therapy techniques to be effective, maintain continuity as well as help your child and the therapist to build a great bond. We ask that you to maintain your scheduled appointments. Poor attendance will result in the rest of your appointments being cancelled indefinitely.

  3. New Admissions / Re-admissions Intake – 1st  or 3rd Week of every Month.

  4. Parent Participation in therapy is important to MAGPIE. Please refrain from using mobiles phones when a session is in progress.

  5. Please complete all allocated therapy assignments/home work on time for maintaining a good rate of progress.

  6. Few therapy techniques implemented by Magpie Speech Therapy comes under its Intellectual Property Rights. You are requested not to share our techniques and practices with other therapy centers. If there is a genuine need to share information, we encourage other therapy centers to contact us directly for guidelines.

  7. Please feel free to ask any questions. We are happy to help!

  8. Assessments for Re-admission will depend on the time duration of last service availed.

Payment of Fees / Session Charges:

  • We accept payment via online payment gateway. Payment is due on the date of first service availed every month. Please ensure you make payments latest by 7th of every month. Pre-Payment of fees is mandatory, else we will deny you service.

Progress Reports:

  • Magpie Speech Therapy will provide basic summary report of your child’s progress at free of cost. However, Detailed Progress Report for Schools and Other Professionals / Official establishments are chargeable. Please contact the center for the exact cost of this report.

Cancellation or Rescheduling of Sessions:

  1. We understand that illness, medical appointments, travel, and life circumstances create valid reasons for missed appointments.

  2. Emergency reschedules are allowed ONLY based on Therapist availability. We will try our best to accommodate. However, please note,

    • You need to inform your therapist 24 hours in advance for rescheduling

    • No-Shows will not be entertained & be charged full session fees.

    • Please consume all your sessions by the month end, failing which they will lapse or get charged

Change of Therapist / Session Time /or Therapist of Choice:

  1. We will try our best to accommodate all your requests when you start your therapy, however changing schedules frequently is not possible due to logistical/scheduling issues.

  2. Magpie ensures each of their therapists are well trained and deliver consistently. Once a therapist is assigned, you will have to work with the therapist to meet the goals of your child. If you have concerns regarding the therapy sessions, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with the therapist and subsequently (if needed) discuss it with our center head. We do not differentiate among our therapists. We will not entertain such requests!

Non-Standard Session Time:

  • Our core working hours are between 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM IST. Any request for sessions beyond our core working hours will be charged double i.e. 2X. This request can be fulfilled based on the therapist availability and on a need basis only.

Refund / Discontinuing of Services:

  1. If you wish to discontinue your sessions, you can discontinue ONLY at the end of the month with a mandatory 1 week or prior notice (Strict no refund policy if above is not followed).

  2. Refunds: If you are unhappy with our quality of service, we will refund you any outstanding therapy fees. Discounts (If Any) applied in the booking plan would be removed and all sessions conducted till the refund request will be treated at full rates.

  3. In addition, charges of 10% of the total amount paid by a customer would be charged and adjusted in the refund amount. Banking transaction charges would also be adjusted based on the payment gateway used.

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