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What We're About?

With an impressive roster of 300+ active clientele in India & around the globe, Magpie is one of a kind pediatric intervention center that specializes in Speech Language Therapy. To achieve this degree of specialization, we have to be outstanding at our craft. We are always looking for few great people who can share our passion & want the freedom to take ownership of significant parts of our business. Working with Magpie is a lot like working in a goal driven, yet fun place! We take pride in calling ourselves an #slpstartup. Being a flat organizational hierarchy, everyone is committed to hands-on clinical work including our founder, Ms. Namrata Pai.


Our team members are extremely passionate about making a difference and share a common goal of having a positive impact on every child we treat. In terms of learning, see the glass half-full, then fill it the rest of the way.............that's our motto! Great emphasis is placed on international evidence based certifications, regular training and refresher courses that boost your technical skills, client interfacing and organizational soft skills. Team M is constantly evolving & learning. Its just the beginning of exciting times ahead.


Magpie Speech Therapy offers excellent compensation with bonus component, training incentives, flexible leave options, excellent infrastructure and an awesome work environment. If you are a fresher, you will be trained & guided by our experienced staff. If you are an experienced SLP, we will learn from you and make ourselves better!


We believe our therapists are a cut above the rest. It’s a tribe of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals wanting to make a difference with high quality work. We take pride in providing a platform for creative freedom and encouraging every idea which can make a difference. Our goal is to create world class speech language pathologists matching global standards. If clinical hands-on work excites you, you have found the right place & your true calling!

Our Interview Process:

All positions @Magpie require the candidate to have strong technical fundamentals, hands-on experience and a bachelor/master's degree in speech language pathology from a reputed institution. Relevant clinical/international certifications are an added plus. If you are applying as an experienced candidate , please specify your relevant experience in pediatric speech language therapy.

We conduct an initial telephonic screening, followed by multiple technical face-2-face (F2F) interviews assessing your clinical & communication skills.

You will also have a Clinic Assessment Protocol (C.A.P.) test depending upon your years of experience. If you are applying for our fleX (online) program, the interview process will be completely online.

We are expecting you to have strong fundamentals, good documentation writing, listening skills & a go-getter attitude. Interview questions will expect you to think out of the box, test your impromptu preparedness & gauge your depth in problem solving. We are a pure-play specialized pediatric therapy center, hence an inherent interest in pediatric speech therapy is a must.

Current Openings:

Full Time Positions: We are hiring for both In-Person & fleX programs(Online Pediatric Speech Therapy). We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who are smart, driven & solid team players, but we have limited openings!​ Remember, opportunities don't happen, you create them!​ If you are really passionate about pediatric speech language therapy, send your resume to A statement of purpose (S.O.P) on your motivation being a pediatric speech language therapist will be an added advantage. Confidence, self-starter, humility, empathy are some of the keywords that define our selection criteria. Prior experience & certifications are an added advantage for online positions.

Part Time Positions: Currently we are offering part time opportunities only for our fleX programs (Online Pediatric Speech Therapy). Prior experience & certifications are an added advantage for online positions. If you are a Speech Techie at heart, fleX is the right place for you.

Internship Positions: We hire interns with the intent of converting them as a full time employees. Kindly do not approach us as a training platform for your learning needs. Apply only if you are serious about pediatric speech language therapy & working in Magpie. We expect you to get your hands dirty from day 1, as we don't believe in just observing sessions. You will be given ample opportunities, exciting projects to prove yourself & make a difference.


As an organization, We like to stay on the forefront of new age techniques, frameworks & research oriented projects. Work with some of the best in the field of pediatric speech language therapy. Bounce your ideas off a smart group of people and create something amazing. You will get an opportunity to work with clients across continents & varied backgrounds.

General Guideline: Don't expect Magpie projects to be easy. Get prepared for consistently delivering your best. You will become part of a fast-paced startup and work with a dedicated team of passionate professionals that provide our clientele with the highest possible quality of intervention services and specialized clinical advice. As a member of Team Magpie, we would ask for your commitment to deliver outstanding quality and results that exceed our client expectations. If you are a hard worker who is not afraid of challenging tasks, Magpie might be the lifetime experience for you.

Why You'll Love Working at Magpie:

Over the past few years Magpie has not only been able to build a fantastic team but also maintained it with aplomb! The credit goes to each one of us for not trying to hog the limelight, rather motivating and sharing credit for achievements. Brainstorming around roadblocks and taking care of each other, at the same time supporting the children and their families is the hallmark of a Magpie SLP.

Enjoy our group outings to celebrate victories. Party with Missey Magpie, the coolest mascot in Speech Therapy Business & get great free swag! Treat every failure as a learning opportunity. Be Hard Working & Build Transparent Relationships. Bring simplicity to complex challenges. Be Bold. Be Honest. Be Passionate but keep the fun in the workday.


Be a Magpie'r, Be The Best Version of You!

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