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Namrata Pai - Founder


My Journey as a qualified SLP began in 2003. I never planned my career but knew that I wanted to make a difference! Realizing early on that children were my biggest inspiration and motivation, trusting my instincts led the way! I have had my share of success and failures. But all my children and their parents have been my biggest teachers. MAGPIE has been a seed, that has been nurtured by their love and support and continues to learn and grow each day till date.

My Philosophy as founder of Magpie Speech Therapy has always focused on building a bond with the child as a friend first, then as a therapist or teacher. I strongly feel that children have a sixth sense which can see through your intentions. Partnering with parents has also been a never fail magic mantra! Having practical conversations and not setting harsh expectations is important because I have realized with time that we as speech therapists play a small role in the bigger picture of the child’s life. Parents have to deal with varied challenges and expectations in their child’s life from functional life skills to complex executive function skills. We as therapists need to realize that and give parents the space and time to set the trust and belief in our work.

My Quest at Magpie has always been in making our core work as Speech Language Pathologists very tangible and objective. Magpie has believed in embracing evidence based practices in Speech Language Pathology from all over the world and today I can proudly say that Speech Language Therapy at Magpie Matches Global Standards.


My Belief......A dash of positivity and optimism, a pinch of creativity and science and a splash of soul-searching and humor creates the perfect recipe for a Speech Language Pathologist.


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