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Online Intervention is a medium of therapy where the Speech Language Pathologist interacts with the family / client through a virtual platform. It is a combination of both the child learning with the therapist and the parent collaborating with therapist in order to achieve communication beyond the screen in terms of daily routines and interactions. We conduct our online sessions on zoom platform, however we believe in being platform independent. If you are not comfortable with our standard platform, we can move seamlessly into any other of your choice.


Prerequisites for Online Therapy: The requirement from the parent’s side is a Laptop/iPad/Tablet with a good to great broadband/internet connection. We appreciate if parents can ensure that they have good connectivity prior to resuming online sessions.


It’s not necessary that the child should be seated during the complete session. Just like in an in-person session, it can be a mix of movement and seated activities. Most of the language and play based goals can be achieved via online therapy. In terms of oral motor therapy or eating disorders, more specific and specialized guidance is needed and it needs a very experienced SLP to evaluate and plan the exercises. Magpie fleX Online Therapy Sessions provide the child and family with S.M.A.R.T. goals and the progress can be monitored at regular intervals.


Candidacy for Online Therapy: Candidates for online therapy can be children with severe immunity/ health issues, Families staying in remote areas with limited professional help, families outside India who need additional support and Families within Bangalore or in India for whom regular travel to the center can be tedious.


A mandatory assessment decides the targets and duration of the session. We tailor make an intervention program based on the child and family’s requirements. A virtual meeting is then arranged with the family to set expectations in terms of the therapy program, frequency of intervention and family commitment.


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STEPS for Enrollment in fleX Online Program

STEP 1 - Query:

Welcome, If you are interested to know more about our fleX Online Speech Therapy sessions, Please contact us on the below numbers to book an initial appointment. We provide appointment slots on Fridays and Saturdays every week. 

STEP 2 - First Appointment:

We call our initial appointment as a Probe Screening that helps us to better understand the parents concern and expectations. As a parent you can utilize this meeting to familiarize with the Magpie model of working. This will also help you in getting a generalized road-map with respect to the child's needs. This meeting/appointment is free of charge and generally over a phone call.

STEP 3a - Fill Intake Form:

Based on the outcomes of STEP 2 and if you are interested to proceed further for an online assessment, you will need fill up our intake/admission forms. Click this link to download the forms. We need these forms duly filled to plan the areas of assessment and tests/ protocols to be used further. Please e-Mail the completed form to the email address below.

eMail: flex@magpiethinklabs.com

Mobile: +91 9845779520 (Mr. Prakash)

If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to him.

Note: While downloading the excel file, it may be flagged by your browser as containing malware/virus. This is due to default security policy set in the browser. You can ignore the warning.

STEP 3b - Send Sample Video:

We need a video of the parent interacting with the child in the following situations (Applicable for Kids from 0-10 Years Only),

  1. Singing or listening to a rhyme with the parent

  2. Playing favorite toy or object with the parent

  3. Seeing/Interacting with a favorite book or magazine with the parent

  4. Eating a meal or snack with the Parent.

Guidelines: Send minimum 2 videos of any of the above. Each video being appx. 2 minutes long. These videos help us to observe the child's communication in his most comfortable state.

Please WhatsApp these videos with Child's Name to +91 9845779520 (Mr. Prakash)

STEP 4 - Online Assessment:

Welcome to our fleX Online Assessment. Direct observation of the child is carried out by the therapist in various contexts. Natural contexts include - Indoor/Outdoors, Play with toys/without toys, Rhymes and  Eating routine. Structured Contexts includes use of  screen share tools/ games/ activities developed in-house specifically for the assessment process.The parent is the 'Hand' of the therapist and is a mandatory requirement during the assessment . This assessment provides us with a list of skills and domains to be targeted for the child and also provides a framework for Structured Parent Coaching. We like to call this as an equivalent to doing a Virtual Home Visit. Our online assessment sessions consist of 2 session (45 mins each) followed by 1 session of Parent counseling. We also provide a final report at the end of the assessment.

STEP 5 - fleX Online Sessions:

Once the assessment is completed, you will be allocated a therapist. Our therapist would have already done their homework based on the report and will be ready with an initial prioritized plan to work on the child. It consists of activities that involve direct teaching with the client and/or through coaching the parents live within activities. It is a combination of digital materials, toys, real objects and daily routine activities. Each session is pre-planned and parents are briefed on the Session Plan beforehand with the materials to be kept ready and the expectations from the session. Each session data is recorded. We usually see children for online sessions at least once/ to max twice a week. The session break up would be 5 min with the parent, 30 min of direct interaction with the child and 5 min of wrap up. The goals chosen are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. (S.M.A.R.T.)

STEP 6 - Review & Feedback:

We want to discuss your child's progress and at the same time hear from you, how we have been doing! R&F sessions happen after 6 to 8 therapy sessions.

At any point in time, if you are not interested to continue with online sessions, we appreciate you being upfront and we will refund all your outstanding dues. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Online Speech Therapy Effective

ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) states that Online speech therapy is effective in treating expressive language disorders, fluency, cognition, voice related problems related to many disorders like Autism, Aphasia, Downs syndrome, Hearing Loss, Stroke, dementia and traumatic brain injury. Each client needs to be evaluated individually and a best practice model needs to be established. Magpie provides Online Speech Therapy via our fleX module based on proven techniques and practices that it has established. It is an amalgamation of countless hours of in-person intervention techniques as well as well researched strategies for making online sessions effective.

How do kids feel about online sessions? Above what age can I engage children on online therapy?

Most kids above the age of 2 years love the interaction via screen. It is important that the clinician plans the activities in a manner that there is learning and engagement and not passive/ static screen viewing.

Children below 2 year should not be exposed to direct screen/ gadgets and hence the parent coaching model needs to be embraced where in the therapist interacts with the parent over screen in daily routine activities with the child. The child need not look at the screen or interact with the therapist.

How can I track my child’s progress in Online Sessions?

Record Keeping of the session is of utmost importance and it should include documentation after each session which includes subjective measures indicating client progress and objective measures such as data collection.

How are online session supervised?

A seasoned mentor/ supervisor is also a vital step in promoting the clinicians success. The session can be recorded with the client permission and then evaluated by the supervisor. Also daily session sheets can help track the inventory of activities and associated goals.

As a parent, If i am not trained, How can I support the therapist during online sessisons?

A good online therapist needs to have quality and quantity experience in parent coaching. This model is based on, encouraging questions from parents, answering these questions, summarizing the strengths, motivating the parent and discussing the next steps with mutual consent. It is NOT being authoritarian/ scolding the parent / pointing out mistakes without feedback.

How do I decide on the quality of therapy and therapist in tele-therapy/ online therapy?

A pediatric SLP needs to have had experience in carrying out in person intervention for children and young adults. Also if she is planning oral-motor therapy goals then she needs to have the necessary qualifications. A good online therapy clinician needs to be flexible in their offering as they can provide 15 min for kids learning to establish this schedule to around 60 min sessions for a cooperative and motivated child. They anticipate issues and keep the client and their family actively engaged and informed. Setting goals and establishing regular communication to discuss progress and objectives is essential. A combination of secure email exchange, phone conversations and supervised sessions complement the success of online therapy.

How can behaviors be managed in an online session?

Difficult behaviors in children will exist just like an in person session. It is important that the Online SLP sets up the child for success by planning in advance. Using, visual schedules, positive language supports (E.g. Avoid using No and Don't rather lets put the toys inside instead of don't throw) and redirecting the child to a task can really help settle the child and engage. Sensory supports and movement breaks are necessary just like a in person session and can help to avoid difficult behaviors.

Does my child have to look at the screen and sit in the whole session?

No! We do not recommend that the child has to sit in front of the screen for an online session. Just like an in person session, the session goals would begin with building engagement with the child in his/ her favorite activities with the parent. This information will be collected before hand during the assessment so that the session can be planned and implemented via parent coaching. Once the child starts to sit, then direct teaching techniques can be incorporated.

Can my therapist help me to learn and generalize the skills outside the therapy session?

The principle objective of the therapist in an online session has to be to achieve the goal in the session and then suggest methods of incorporating the same in different routines / with different members of the family.

What is the cost and duration of the session?

The cost and duration of the session depends on the assessment outcomes, goals and setting expectations that bridge the communication status of the child & needs of the family. Please contact the center for more details. If you are not satisfied with the progress in the online sessions, we do have a refund policy.

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