Miracles Need Hardwork!

April 23, 2017

In today’s day and times, a lot of us seek instant gratification. We have parents using internet and social media platforms to access lot of speech pathology centers and clinics available for speech therapy and trying to find Just the right one for their child! But unlike online shopping, where you select a product at the touch of a button and you have it delivered to your doorstep within a few days, Cherry-picking the right center is just the beginning!!! You might decide to choose a center based on online reviews, parent feedbacks, therapy environment, quality of SLPs and transparency of the center in sharing information.


Once you choose, Successful Evidence based early intervention program needs partnership between the center and the parents. In the long run, Parents who have followed some basic responsibilities have been our miracle workers...

  1. Commitment: As parents, ensure that you are giving at least 6 months to one year to the center and not shifting from one center to the other in expectation of a fix. Language learning is a gradual process and has a specific hierarchy.

  2. Discipline: When you are advised sessions twice or thrice a week. It is mandatory to follow the pattern and structure so that your child gets accustomed to the toys, activities and therapist. Just like how you never want your child to miss school…remember that therapy is his first school and place of learning so be Regular.

  3. Patience: It takes at least 3 months of therapy to show a noticeable change and improvement in a child’s pre-requisites for learning language like looking at the face, Building attention in a play activity and getting the interaction going. So keep the Faith!

  4. Diligence: It is important that the communication goals are practiced at home in natural situations and hence persistent practice of activities by parents will reap faster rewards in the long run.

  5. Appreciation: A pediatric SLP always works with a smile on her face. We need to be warm and friendly to every child we see. Our relation with the child is based on the trust and bond we build over time. Appreciating that effort with a smile and enthusiastically participating in the session is very important. Reading magazines inside the session or using the mobile in the session demotivates SLP energy

  6. Respecting Time: Your time and the therapist’s are equally important so the best policy is to not only be on time but report to a session 10 mins early so that the child has enough time to relax and is not rushed inside the therapy room. Always inform in advance in case you are unable to attend sessions. Respect therapist’s time.

  7. Acceptance and Partnership: Parents who accept that their child has a delay and NOT a disease or break down which needs an instant cure are always front runners and have a head start in helping their child. By focusing their energy and actions on the goals and activities planned by the SLP, acceptance and partnership are the keys to therapy success


Every parent has a right to see their child achieve the best of their potential. We SLPs work hard to achieve goals and see progress with the children. Responsible Parents are the first milestones of this journey towards realizing ambitions and success. Just like We have the Bill of Rights, we need to have a bill of responsibilities and be true to it…


Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; working together is success - Henry Ford



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