The Spirit of Magpie – Never Give Up!

July 21, 2016

When we moved into our current location, I knew my longstanding dream of creating and furnishing my own clinic was about to come true!!! But the next challenge was executing dreams into reality. That’s when our family friends Shubha and Prakash, owners of Ganesh Interior Designs came to the rescue :-)


We wanted the interiors of the clinic to be kid friendly, colorful, warm, welcoming……the list was endless.  But above all we wanted to keep the parents in mind too. Transparency and visibility in every therapy room making it accessible and comforting for parents was critical. Also parents spend a major part of their day traversing therapy centers in midst of the maddening Bangalore traffic and their child’s unexpected meltdowns. They need to uphold enthusiasm and energy to successfully be a part of the therapy session and support the efforts of the SLP. And that’s where the idea of motivational walls took birth. We consciously decided that Magpie had to have the most amazing set of quotes all across celebrating children, their spirit, the parents, the therapists and the “Never give up” attitude in all of us.


We have also kept in mind the recreational needs of the therapists and made a zone for their personal time outs and idea incubation :-). Our pantry is most adored by kids and therapists alike and a source of uninterrupted supply of quenchers, munchies and goodies.


Every time a new parent appreciates the interiors of MAGPIE, I realize that somewhere we have struck a chord and initiated an energy wheel that symbolizes every quote on the Magpie walls!

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