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Grown-ups sometimes get caught up in the idea that work is work, and play is play, and never the twain shall meet. Playing is the reward you give yourself after you've put in your time at your job. What we often forget is that playing is a child's job. It's how children develop and learn. Take a quick look around the animal kingdom, and you'll notice that it's the intelligent species that play—the cats, the dogs, the primates, and of course the dolphins. Lizards and slugs do not play.

Developmentally appropriate toys and games are incredibly valuable tools for shaping the growth of your child's developing brain, including language development. Play is the way children learn new skills, and language is one of the most important skills that children learn while they play.


There is a science in the making behind play and there are international certifications available to help train oneself to effectively use it as a teaching tool. Magpie therapists are certified in play based approaches to help elevate the quality of their early intervention program.


Magpie offers Play Therapy as a separate program especially for children finding it difficult to use a variety of toys effectively, or use same toys repetitively or cannot use toys at all. For more information on Play Therapy (Refer: or how Play can be used as effective means in communication, please read through our Blog on Play Therapy

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