Parent Advisement

  1. You need not wait for your child to start sitting or following instructions to initiate speech language therapy. It can be started for children with developmental delay right from 1 year of age or earlier.

  2. Late speech development that runs in families is not an excuse to delay speech therapy. Less than 50 words at 2 years of age is a sure sign to meet the speech therapist.

  3. Quality of Speech Therapy (Therapist Input and Skill) is more important than Quantity of Speech Therapy (# of Speech Sessions)

  4. Speech Language Therapy is hard work! Give at least 3 months to your speech therapist.

  5. Telling names of colors, numbers, alphabets and shapes are good academic skills, but impractical in communication.

  6. Using pictures or gestures will not stop oral/spoken speech. It will aid it.

  7. Know your rights as a parent! Ask questions and be informed. Therapies are more effective when parents are included in the sessions and know the goals taken by the therapist.

  8. Speech Language Therapy is a 4 year Professional Course. Other Professionals/ Teachers/ Kid Enthusiasts cannot replace them. Beware of Quacks!

  9. Do not get intimidated or misguided. Look for recommendations and people feedback on various centers.

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